Copy the operations of the best traders or simply learn trading to become a professional and live from it.







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Features for investors

Crypto signals

Subscribe to the signals of professional traders and manage the Buy / Sell automatically

Crypto Traders

Replicates the operations of professional traders in a 100% automated way

Buy a trade

Buy the following signal from the trader quickly and individually.

Manage your results

Plan your portfolio and measure your earnings on a single platform


Access all the courses on our platform

Manage your exchanges

Manage your cryptocurrencies between your exchanges and wallets

Features for traders

Trading platform

Take your trading to the highest level using the advanced features of our platform

All in one

Access all your exchanges from a single platform

Offer your services

Offer your services as a professional trader in our marketplace

Maximum security

Activate additional security systems in your account to protect your exchanges to the maximum

Tax report

Download all your reports with a single click

Programming area

Program your strategies or hire our programmers to create the trading system you have always wanted

Why bitKROM is unique


Investigate the statistics or movements of each trader instantly and decide for yourself.

All services on a single interface

The trading platform, the Market place and the programming, legal advice and marketing services, in one place.

Laboratory area

Bring out the talent inside you by creating your own automated strategies or even building your own bot.


Squeeze the library of specific courses for traders and also talk to the traders who teach them. Take the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in an exclusive Discord group with other traders.

Investment and trading: different people, different solutions

If you are an investor

Do you want to get more profitability? Invest in the best traders of the moment automatically without having to be an expert in cryptocurrencies.

If you want to be a professional trader

Enjoy all the ingredients that a good trader needs to elevate his services to the expert mode.

If you are a professional trader

Operate more profitably, comfortably and safely and increase your community of followers, thereby growing your flow of passive income.

Our product

At bitKROM we believe in QUALITY as the main ingredient of our company philosophy. The main objective is that everyone who is within our platform wins in one way or another through, precisely, quality.

That is why we are so committed to offering the best service, being transparent, having the most powerful tools, being continuously updated and collaborating with the best traders as well as training future TOP traders.


Be smart and follow the expert traders

Research the Trading experts who operate within the bitKROM platform and do your own analysis on their returns, trades, strategies and much more.

Invest in the Traders you like the most and automatically copy their trades and signals gaining comfort and profitability while you invest your time in you and yours.

Choose your services

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Professional Trader


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  • Trading platform
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  • Copy trading
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